The K-Pop phenomenon has truly hit the United States as kids of all races lined up for the East Coast leg of KCON. The fans literally consume the same food as their Korean rock heroes.

This wave of culture, "Hallyu" is pretty insane as girls go crazy a la The Beatles at Shea Stadium and modern day Bieber. KCON is touring the US and offering a glimpse into a world that the Koreans have known for quite some time. 

The NY Times mentions, DramaFever "puts professionally subtitled Korean dramas online within 24 hours of their airing in Asia. "DramaFever’s average user spends 53.9 hours per month streaming videos, compared with 10.7 hours for Netflix users, according to the company’s data. Its audience is 85 percent non-Asian, and mostly women ages 18 to 24.


Further, "That demographic information is in line with KCON’s audience: Of the people who preregistered, 70.1 percent were women, and 68.8 percent were younger than 24, organizers said.