"Adidas is following up its star-studded spot for its Originals line, which challenges what it means to be a superstar, with a short film that presents the next wave of creators to the world.

The creative, rolling out today, is part of a year-long global campaign that kicked off in January to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Superstar shoe -- the Originals' most iconic and one of its best-selling products."

We here at CR8 have always loved the Superstar and never shy away from appreciating a brand celebrating emerging artists. Medici style support of cutting edge creators has been a central theme in Adidas brand positioning and is a core aspect of how we enjoy collaboration. 

Its an exciting program and focuses on a "Pay it Forward" approach where the five chosen artists (American hip-hop artists Pusha T, Russian actor and director Grigoriy Dobrygin, Japanese jewelry designer Yoon, Chinese visual artist VJ Mian, and Mexican illustrator Smith) "will each recognize five more inspiring artists through social media, and so on and so forth, using the hashtag #OriginalSuperstar."