If You Think Piracy Is Decreasing, You Haven’t Looked at the Data…

I love this piece in DMN.

1.8 billion CD's shared P2P every MONTH.

Everyone likes to think piracy has gone away but it grows every year. And millenials who are tomorrows consumers will never see music as being anything but free.

The very thing that's keeping people talking about paid streaming is because the old people are ok to switch from CD's to paid streaming. But will millennials ever think that's normal?

That's why live is growing so much as a relative portion of the music business. I'm not saying that tomorrow, nobody is buying Taylor Swift. What I am saying is that if 1.8 billion, yes billion, CD's a month are curently being shared p2p. the only business to really be in is LIVE.

The p2p fans of today are tomorrows 25-40 year olds. And they want live experiences. The awareness of artists is growing more than ever without crappy discovery engines because peers are telling peers what to buy.